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Song of Praise




Peter Lehel - soprano & tenor saxophone, composition


Ull Möck - epiano


Dirk Blümlein - ebass


Dieter Schumacher - drums

Song of Praise (Peter Lehel)



In his composition Song of Praise, divided up in 8 parts, for mixed choir, saxophone, piano, bass and percussions, saxophonist and composer Peter Lehel has set to music the english lyrics of the Song of Songs in 17th century translation by King James.


Besides modern and classical voicings for the choir a variety of groovy rhythms and space for the improvisation skills of the musicians have been included.


Often you can find the saxophone and the electric bass as additional voices to the choir.  


Each of the eight chapters is following the structure of songs (Song of songs) including at least two melodic lines and subjects which symbolize the giving and taking of the two lovers.


There are symbiotic moments which express the diversity of passion, erotic, self-confidence, unsecurity and love in a very poetic way.



Total length:  50 minutes


1 Moves

2 Taste of Fruit

3 Wandering Dreams

4 Losing my Mind

5 Midnight Desire

6 The Garden

7 Shulamite`s Dance

8 Set Me as a Seal Upon Thine Heart




Mixed choir

Sopran & tenor saxophone



Drums & percussion


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