Peter Lehel Saxophone / Composition / Arrangement / Education
Peter Lehel                                           Saxophone / Composition / Arrangement / Education

New Peter Lehel Quartet

After more than 20 years of band history of the classic Peter Lehel Quartet with a total of 15 CD recordings, countless concerts and tours, with a wide variety of Lehel music with influences from Coltrane, Bartók, crossover, classical and jazz tradition, the bustling saxophonist and composer Peter Lehel now has a new team of four at the start.


The new line-up with Ull Möck on the keys, the electric bass player Dirk Blümlein and the percussionist Christian Huber has grown together as a band-on-the-road through several tours in Asia in the past two years. The band's sound is fresh, groovy, modern, open, eager to experiment and still finely arranged in the spirit of Lehel, oscillating between improvisation and composition, with a lot of freedom for everyone involved.


The connecting element of this new line-up and the new works by Peter Lehel is the sound of the 20th century, the Blues, here in Lehel's world of sound with the new programmatic title "Spherical Blues".


Peter Lehel - Saxes, Composition

Ull Möck - Piano

Dirk Blümlein - Bass

Christian Huber - Drums


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