Peter Lehel Saxophone / Composition / Arrangement / Education
Peter Lehel                                           Saxophone / Composition / Arrangement / Education

Jazz for kids


Peter Lehel

Peter Schindler

Mini Schulz

Obi Jenne


Prize of German Records Critics 2006


Jazz for kids - Hoppel Hoppel Rhythm Club


Started in 2006 with monthly concerts in a small theatre in Stuttgart, Germany. Many appearances at Jazz Festivals, Jazz Clubs followed including two CD productions.


Jazz means improvisation, creativity without boundaries, finding your own personality, openess, sopntaneity and much more.

We lose a lot of that during life time because we have to busy with many things in daily life which prevent us from staying free and open, sopntaneous and joyful.

Kids do have these abilities all natural.


With this project you can hear mostly German children songs which are played by the intensely swing Jazz quartet "Hoppel Hoppel Rhythm Club" around saxophone player Peter Lehel.


Concerts are always including good music in the spirit of jazz improvisation, some explanation and above all - a lot of fun for the kids, the parents and grand-parents and of course for the musicians as well.



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