Peter Lehel Saxophone / Composition / Arrangement / Education
Peter Lehel                                           Saxophone / Composition / Arrangement / Education

JazzEnsemble Baden-Wuerttemberg

Band of bandleaders


DOORS without Words

Edition 15


Great ensemble with 4 hornplayers which did an impressing recording with the music of The DOORS without any of Jim Morrison words.

A big adventure that worked extraordinary well due to the wonderful players and the special arrangements of Berlin based composter Nicolai Thärichen.


Peter Lehel - Saxes

Thomas Sifflng - Trumpets

Ul Röser - Trombone

Sebastian Nagler - Baritone Saxophone

Jo Bartmes - Hammond & Fender Rhodes

Jo Ambros - Guitar

Dirk Blümlein - Bass

Christian Huber - Drums


The DOORS without Words





Edition 13


This "SuperBand" of 5 Bandleaders was formed to represent the Jazz of the South of Germany.


Each of the members has got a strong musical personality which is envolved in countless projects, cds with very different kinds of music and ideas.


With the JazzEnsemble they bring up all their experiences to put out some new and outstanding music.

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