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Peter Lehel                                           Saxophone / Composition / Arrangement / Education

Peter Lehel & Wolfgang Meyer

Saxophone & Clarinet blending perfectly


Peter Lehel & Wolfgang Meyer


The wonderful collaboration of the two woodwind players started around 2005 when Wolfgang Meyer invited Peter Lehel to teach at the Music University of Karlsruhe.


They have played different kind of music which was partly recorded on different CDs:


"The Clarinet" recorded in 2014 includes music for the clarinet in connection with bigband and combo settings.


Chamber clarinet music onthe CD "Two of a kind" in 2013 including the famous clarinet star Sabine Meyer, Wolfgang Meyer`s younger sister.


Brazilian music on the CD "Choros e Bossa Nova" in 2009


Music from Cuba on the CD "Boleros" in 2007


All of those CDs and compositions achieved outstanding reviews in the music scene.


Peter Lehel additonally wrote a Double Concerto for Clarinet & Saxophone with Orchestra and some bigband music for Wolfgang Meyer which will be recorded in December 2013.


Wolfgang Meyer regularly performs with the Peter Lehel Quartet in Jazzclubs and Festivals.

Wolfgang Meyer

New CD

Peter Lehel & Wolfgang Meyer

Two of a kind


Peter Lehel Quartet

& Wolfgang Meyer



Peter Lehel Quartet &

Wolfgang Meyer

Choro e Bossa Nova


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