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Peter Lehel                                           Saxophone / Composition / Arrangement / Education




University of Music Karlsruhe, Germany (since 2004)



-Bigband / JazzEnsemlbe / SalsaBand

-Jazz Theory



Music School Ettlingen (since 1991)





Clinics / Masterclasses


-Germany, USA, China, South Korea





Play-Along Book



Peter Lehel
 Crossover Pieces for Saxophone

Tenor / Soprano Saxophone

Improvisation / Play-AlongSaxophonSolo Sax

124 pages

Book w/CD

Ordernummer 07153

€ 24,95


Crossover Pieces for Saxophone 

by Peter Lehel offers the saxophonist a most varied stylistic palette of concert pieces in combination with comprehensive and illustrative information on the structure of the compositions with regard to composition techniques, melody, harmony and ideas for improvisation.


Additionally, the book presents essential and creative exercises based on the individual pieces, which aim at improving the saxophone players’performance and at helping them delve deeper into the secrets of music.


• Playalong CD included

• Creative exercises

• Explanatory notes on all the pieces with regard to melody, harmony

  and rhythm

• Ideas for improvisation

• Ideas for composing


Language: english / deutsch


ISBN: 978-3-89221-126-6

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